About Us

We're a small family business based in Dorset - and when it comes to business we think small is beautiful. Every order is important to us and we treat our customers as individuals.

If you are a wholesale customer you may know us as "Jarapa Ltd". We still wholesale under this name.


Our conscience doesn't just stop at selling environmentally friendly products - we're trying to run a low impact ethical company from start to finish, and here's some of the ways we do that:

  • We have a home office - no commute to work, and no need for additional lighting or heating.
  • We use recycled stationary
  • We recycle all business mail, waste and packaging we can
  • We use a fulfillment warehouse - we are using space and resources in an existing warehouse space.
  • We source our products from within Europe wherever possible to keep transportation to a minimum.
  • We source our rugs from a small family business.
  • We try to visit our suppliers and see their working conditions and practices.
  • Where possible we use recycled or recyclable packaging materials - we ask other local businesses to recycle their used packaging by giving it to us which not only saves us from using new packaging but reduces landfill too!
  • We look to use the most eco-friendly delivery providers possible

So please take a look around our shop at the recycled tumblers, wineglasses, jugs, storage jars...etc that we sell. They are beautiful additions to the home and make perfect eco-friendly gifts.

Company details
The recycled glassware company Ltd, Dovehayes, Mill Lane, Bourton, Dorset, SP8 5DA UK
Company number 07211907
Contact tel 0845 5191982 9am - 5pm
Contact email stewart@jarapa.co.uk
This is a trading name of Jarapa Ltd