Our Goal


To supply eco-friendly, ethically produced products to our customers, with as low a carbon footprint supply chain as we can, combined with excellent, friendly customer service. 


Our Story


We have been sourcing and distributing recycled & natural products for almost 20 years.


Seeing some unusual rugs in Spain whilst on holiday, we started importing to sell at markets and shows; over time adding other products from the Iberian Peninsula.


Now we sell both retail and wholesale and we focus  on recycled, up-cycled and natural products.

authentic recycled glassware stamp

Our Eco Credentials


It's not just our products that are eco-friendly; as a business we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible throughout the supply chain. For example:

 - we source products from the UK or EU to keep product miles low

 - we try to import our products by sea or train where possible, keeping road vehicle miles to a minimum.

 - we have a home office in a building with solar panels and an air-source heat pump

 - our other staff work from home where possible, and our warehouse is a five minute drive from our home, reducing commutes

 - we re-use packaging materials which we collect from other local businesses, recycling packaging that would otherwise end in landfill. We estimate over 60% of our packaging material is recycled.

 - where new packaging is needed we do our best to source the best environmental choice such as paper packing tape and recyclable air pillows.

 - where paperwork is required we use recycled paper and our printer is refillable in a way that cartridges are not required.

We try to "walk our talk" wherever we can.


Do you provide International delivery?


No, sorry, we are unable to send our products overseas.

How do I return an item?


Please see our returns policy.

Is your glass 100% recycled?

Unlike many cheap imitations, our glass is 100% recycled glass.

How do I track my order?


If your delivery has not arrived  within 5 working days please email us on stewart@jarapa.co.uk with your order number and we will investigate.

What are your delivery options?


All orders over £50 have free shipping. 

We have a standard rate of £2.95 below this to the UK mainland.